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1. Dr. Barry

2. Dr Barry and family

3-14. Lifetime Dental Health

15. Cerec Scanner

16. Laptop Computer

17. Form 2 Printer

18-22. Imaging and photo room

23. Laptop with images

24. Printed models

25. Resin cartridge for printer

26. Models

27. Form wash and Form cure units

28. Models to Form wash to be cleaned in 90% isopropyl alcohol

29. Air nozzle

30. Models placed in Form cure for final cure

31. Kenzie lining up models to be labelled

32-33. Models have ID numbers to be labelled

34. Models are hollowed out to save resin

35. Aligners fabricated on thermoform unit

36. Aligner on model

37. Remove excess from model

38-40. Aligner Material

41. Hot knife for cutting aligner off of model

42-45. Various Instruments

46-51. Kenzie finishing aligners

52. Finished aligners

53. Patient delivery bag for aligner

54. Kristine packaging the aligner